Director Alex Perry Reveals How WWE Kurt Angle Documentary Came About

Kurt Angle's new documentary, "ANGLE," focuses on the legendary wrestler's various trials and tribulations outside a wrestling ring, dating back to his winning an Olympic Gold Medal "with a broken freakin' neck" all the way through his addiction to painkillers. As such, when A&E got hold of the tape, they were unsure if the documentary qualified as a WWE-related documentary as most of the content was unrelated to Angle's illustrious WWE career. 


According to Alex Perry, the director of "ANGLE" "the documentary originally started as an independent project that wasn't supposed to air on Peacock. "When WWE acquired this movie, they sent it to A&E because they had a partnership with A&E," Perry said on "The Kurt Angle Show" recently. "And A&E didn't quite understand how we would fit into their show — the WWE Legends biography series. So, they were a little confused when they saw it, and they kind of morphed it into something else. They took it and made it into a pro wrestling episode, which you can't blame them for."

Perry revealed that he and Angle had to "scratch and claw" with WWE to get a different version of the documentary — as it was truly intended — to air on Peacock. "We willed it into existence. We willed it into being made first, and then willed it into being shown. Now, we're hoping that Kurt's fans will will it into relevance, because, at the end of the day, I'm really proud of what we did. I do think we made something special and unique."


It's worth noting that A&E's version did air as part of its "WWE Legends" series last August, and Peacock's version hit the airwaves this past weekend, immediately after the WWE Payback premium live event.