Jeff Jarrett Dismisses The Idea That CM Punk Is Done With Wrestling

Upon the news that CM Punk was fired by AEW, many fans raised an important question — what is next for him? While the direction of Punk's future remains uncertain at this point, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett is confident that "The Second City Saint" will continue working in the wrestling business in some capacity.


During a recent episode of "My World," Jarrett's co-host Conrad Thompson brought up the possibility that Punk might leave wrestling altogether. In response, Jarrett indicated that the idea was "silly." When considering the potential companies that Punk might seek out next, such as WWE, NJPW, Impact, or AAA, Jarrett suggested an alternative option.

"I don't know his headspace. I don't know any of that, but if I was a betting man, what's the downside to doing something completely on his own?" Jarrett asked. "Name the card [his] way ... He don't want to be grinding every week, I don't think. Do four shows a year — one on the east coast, one on the west coast, one in the midwest and his hometown, and pick another one and see what happens."


While the wrestling industry is inherently competitive, and currently oversaturated, Jarrett believes Punk could successfully host his own show, should he choose to go that route. "In any form of sales, selling cars, selling houses, selling any product, [businessmen ask themselves] how are you new? How are you different? How are you going to cut through the clutter and how are you going to market and promote it well? I think Phil (CM Punk) has the ability to check all those boxes," Jarrett said. "It can be a different type of show."

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