Why Bully Ray Says WWE May Have Shayna Baszler On The Right Track

Shayna Baszler picked up a hard-fought victory against Zoey Stark on "WWE Raw" this week, and her performance and promo left Bully Ray believing that the company now has the former "WWE NXT" Women's Champion on the right track.


"There's no reason that Shayna Baszler should have ever been utilized the way she was utilized," Bully said on "Busted Open Radio." "That was, I guess, the poor woman's version of Ronda Rousey. There's no reason why you just needed Ronda, you could've had Ronda and Shayna the whole time. Shayna's extremely credible." Baszler has enjoyed a focused push ever since she turned on her former partner, which led to her defeating Rousey at SummerSlam, running her out of the company in the process. That's something that Bully wants to see WWE capitalize on, especially since she is someone who can put wrestlers in compromised positions due to her MMA background. 

"Hopefully, they give her that level of protection now, this way they can have a killer on their hands," he said. "Ride that wave of I'm the one who got rid of Ronda Rousey from the WWE and turn her into something more credible than she's been since the day she's got here." Baszler was a dominant heel during her time on "NXT," working at the top of the card, with her hard-hitting style taking control of the women's division. However, since joining the main roster there have only been glimpses of that, such as her initial debut, and most recently against Rousey. Baszler showcased her respect for Stark after their match this week, which could've opened up the door for a potential tag team run, but now it remains to be seen what is next for her. 


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