Bully Ray Sizes Up GUNTHER's Credibility As WWE Undisputed Universal Champ

Ever since joining the main roster, GUNTHER has been a dominant threat, which has led to speculation and fantasy booking from fans about the possibility of him one day being the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. While everyone who has stepped up to Roman Reigns has failed so far, Bully Ray believes that GUNTHER could take on that role. "Without a doubt," Bully said on "Busted Open Radio" regarding GUNTHER's potential as a World Champion. "[A] Throwback champion."


GUNTHER may indeed eventually become a World Champion, but right now he is concentrating on his run as the Intercontinental Champion. He etched his name into WWE's history books this week on "WWE Raw" by defeating Chad Gable, ensuring that he will break Honky Tonk Man's record to become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in history. It has taken him to the top of an impressive list considering the lineage of the title, and Bully now ranks GUNTHER highly in terms of all-time great Intercontinental Champions.

"The real Intercontinental Championship and champion to me was Pedro Morales, and now second in my eyes is GUNTHER," Bully said. "The only reason I say second in my eyes is because Pedro was the guy I grew up on. He set the tone, he set the standard, and he became a World Heavyweight Champion. So yeah, I understand the amount of days as champion that GUNTHER is number one, but GUNTHER is my number two right now, only because Pedro was, always was my one."


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