Why WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Says He's Never Watched A Single Episode Of DSOTR

Vice's "Dark Side of the Ring" has become popular with fans of professional wrestling over the course of the show's run, with episodes focusing on the Montreal Screwjob, the deaths of stars like Bruiser Brody and Owen Hart, and the careers of performers such as Marty Jannetty. However, those who've worked in the wrestling industry for much of their lives often aren't as enamored with the show. Kevin Nash, speaking on his podcast "Kliq This," recently gave his thoughts on the docuseries.


"I've never watched one episode of that show," Nash said. "I don't understand why, if you lived in this industry for 30 years, why you would want to? If you were a part of the dark side, why [watch it]?"

Nash confirmed there's never been any story he's seen featured on "Dark Side of the Ring" that he felt he wanted to watch to learn more about. Topics he would be interested in, such as the death of Bruiser Brody, Nash had already been able to learn more about through conversations with people who were actually there.

"I was on the f***ing 'plane ride from hell,'" Nash continued.

"Dark Side of the Ring" has garnered its share of criticism from those within the wrestling industry since it began airing. From Sabu taking issue with the show's take on Bam Bam Bigelow to, perhaps most notably, the fallout from the aforementioned "Plane Ride From Hell" episode centered around Ric Flair, many episodes of the series have drawn strong reactions from within the industry.


The fourth season of "Dark Side of the Ride" concluded last month with the episode focused on Jannetty. As of now, the show's future is up in the air, with neither a renewal nor cancellation announced just yet.

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