Nick Aldis On Giving The People What They Want From Cody Rhodes Match At 2018 All In

Cody Rhodes defeated Nick Aldis to become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion at the All In independent show in 2018. Aldis, who has reportedly been working as a backstage producer for WWE in recent weeks, talked about his clash with Rhodes during an appearance on the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast. 


"The pressure I had was I had to make sure I wasn't just a guy there to facilitate Cody's moment," Aldis said. "If we hadn't done all the things we needed to do to get people going genuinely, like, 'I don't know. I don't know, mate. Will they?' If everyone had just thought, 'Ah, you know, it's obvious,' I don't think it would have had that ... For me, I always felt like the eruption at the beginning of the match was sort of their way of acknowledging my contribution to it because it was sort of that thing of, 'We think we know what's happening here — or we know what we want — but we appreciate you've made this matter.' 

"Because if it had just been a coronation, you know, I think that would have backfired on Cody, right? Because when we got there, we'd created enough doubt and put enough credibility on me, and I owe Cody a lot for that because by the time we got to the bell, people believed it could go either way."


Aldis said that he and Rhodes recently talked about building their All In match with "no machine" behind them. The British-born wrestler pointed out that the two stars built their title clash on a YouTube show. Aldis told Chris Van Vliet that he and Rhodes were able to accomplish what they did because of the belief they had. 

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