Zelina Vega Confirms New Venture With Fellow WWE Star Dakota Kai

When it comes to podcasting and professional wrestling, much like love and marriage or a horse and carriage, you can't have one without the other. "We started filming right here," Vega told "The Ten Count," gesturing to the moss-covered background behind her. "We've already filmed a few episodes and it's gonna air pretty soon, we're just going through the editing because I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to things like that." Kai and Vega have producer Josiah Williams, known for his collaborations with WWE and "NXT," to help them with the program as well.


"He's a genius and he's working on our stuff right now," Vega gushed. According to Vega, she and Kai are very different people despite their friendship, but she thinks the two blend in very complimentary ways. "The biggest thing is the gamer talk that we have," Vega said, as both her and Kai are not only active gamers, but also stream on their own respective Twitch channels on a fairly regular basis.

According to Vega there will also be appearances from her cats, whom she is raising with her husband, former AEW World Trios Champion Malakai Black. The couple recently completed what Vega calls their "dream home," where the couple has seven cats. Kai is currently out of action, as the Damage CTRL member recovers from surgery to repair a torn ACL. In a recent injury update, Kai said that she will likely return in 2024 at the earliest.  "I haven't even learned how to jump and run again yet," Kai said. "I think I'm going to start running this week."