Zelina Vega Points To Common Theme In Stories About Windham Rotunda, WWE's Bray Wyatt

WWE star and Latino World Order member Zelina Vega is just one of numerous people whose lives were touched by Windham Rotunda, known to fans as Bray Wyatt. In an interview with "Ten Count," Vega shared her feelings in the wake of Rotunda's tragic death at the age of 36.


"There's always a common thread in everybody's story and it was always his smile, his laugh, and he had the best hugs," Vega said. "He had like big bear hugs that you would always look forward to."

Vega says that though she's not an overly sentimental person, even she would look forward to hugs from the former WWE Champion.

"You just knew that ... there wasn't a bad bone in his body," she continued. "It was met with such love and he was always looking to help people. Even if they weren't in WWE."

Rotunda wasn't only an ardent supporter of Vega going all the way back to her first Florida Championship Wrestling tryout in 2010 - even recommending Vega to the head of talent relations at one point during her days as an extra – but also a great family man. Rotunda is survived by his fiancée, Joseann Offerman, and his four children, two of which he had with Offerman, and two of which are from his first marriage.


"Obviously he used to say, 'He has the whole world in his hands,'" Vega said, "but we saw the person who had the world in his hands but he just wanted to give it to [his fiancée and his four children]."

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