WWE's Road Dogg Sizes Up AEW's Hangman Adam Page

"Road Dogg" Brian James is often posed with interesting questions on "Oh You Didn't Know," and one such question caught the WWE Hall of Famer by surprise this week: "Are you a better sports entertainer than Hangman Adam Page?" James prefaced his response by admitting that he was about to receive "a lot of heat" from listeners and fans alike.

"Yes, I am," James said without hesitation. "I don't know him; I've met him and I've passed him by, we have done the Lucha spot passerby, but, yes, I'm a better sports entertainer than he is. If we're talking about rasslin', he'd probably work circles around me — and probably could even on my best day. But I didn't know if we were getting gold medals with broken freakin' necks, or if we're talking about cashing checks here." James did concede that Page, 32, had a chance to prove him wrong with many years left in his career. "He's a bright kid, a kind kid, he was respectful [when we met]," James said of Page. "Everything felt right about him; I just don't know anything more than that. But, he's got a long way to go and not a short time to get there."

Over the past year or so, Page has, unfortunately, been in the news more for his alleged backstage issues with CM Punk than his exploits in a wrestling ring. With Punk firmly out of the picture, a sense of normalcy was restored on last night's "AEW Dynamite" where Page began a new feud with Swerve Strickland. James, meanwhile, continues to function in his role as WWE's Senior VP of Live Events, even as he hopes to expand his role to other departments within the promotion