Members Of WWE's Judgment Day Faction Discuss JD McDonagh

J.D. McDonagh's status with The Judgment Day has been a repeated topic of debate on WWE programming lately. While McDonagh garnered the trust of Balor through a preexisting friendship, the rest of The Judgment Day has been skeptical of welcoming McDonagh into their corner. Despite the obvious apprehension from Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Dominik Mysterio, McDonagh made a noticeable effort to save Priest from being pinned in the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match at WWE Payback. On "WWE's The Bump," Balor and Priest provided their thoughts on McDonagh's seemingly pending association with The Judgment Day.


"Listen, there's been a lot of fuss and a lot of talk about J.D. McDonagh. Is he an ally of The Judgment Day? Is he somewhat a soon-to-be member of The Judgment Day? That we don't know," Balor said. "The only thing that I know for sure, is that J.D. McDonagh has been an ally of Finn for 20 years. That is something that not many people can say. So, I trust him."

Long before he joined WWE, McDonagh began his wrestling journey under the guidance of Paul Tracey and, of course, Finn Balor, who both emanated from the same hometown as him in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Naturally, McDonagh gradually established a longstanding relationship with Balor that later extended into their work in WWE. Though Balor is comfortable aligning himself with McDonagh, Priest isn't fully convinced yet.


"Jury's still out. Judgment is still to be made, but for now, I'll just leave that one alone," Priest said.

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