Anthony Ogogo Talks About What He's Doing Now And His Future AEW Goals

Anthony Ogogo has had a disrupted start to his AEW career. While the British star appeared as a panelist at AEW All In 2023, he hasn't been featured on weekly television on a regular basis, nor has he received many opportunities to establish a connection with the fans. However, this is down to factors beyond his control, according to Ogogo.

While speaking to Metro, Ogogo explained that he's been dealing with visa issues after his passport went missing when he sent it back to the United Kingdom for renewal purposes. While the process has frustrated the former boxer, he is raring to return to in-ring competition. However, he's been keeping himself busy with various projects that will hopefully raise his profile.

"I'm doing different things to build my brand so when I do get the phone call to come back, I'm going back bigger, better, the prestige behind me,' he said. "All you can do is control things you can control, and I'm doing what I can do."

Ogogo joined AEW in 2019, and he had a high-profile feud with Cody Rhodes the following year. While his television appearances have been limited since then, he reportedly signed a two-year contract extension in 2023. Furthermore, he told Metro that he plans to grab the brass ring when he does make his comeback.

"I wanna be world champion, I wanna be the first British world champion, the first Black world champion, this and that. I'm gonna leave my mark. I chose wrestling because it ticks other boxes."