Bruce Prichard On Windham Rotunda's Ability To 'Create Magic' In WWE With Bray Wyatt

Windham Rotunda may be gone after his untimely death a few weeks ago, but the wrestling world is doing all it can to make sure he's never forgotten  — among them, Bruce Prichard. The WWE exec discussed Rotunda's creativity and abilities as Bray Wyatt on the latest episode of his "Something to Wrestle" podcast.

"You often hear guys talk about — especially me — 'it,'" Prichard said. "What's 'it'? What's that special factor about someone's personality that makes them unique? And it's that 'it' factor, and Bray had 'it.' He had everything that goes with 'it' and made himself unique from the day he was born. 

"He literally [had] just an effervescent personality that captivated not only the audiences that he performed to but also everybody that he touched backstage," Prichard continued. "Anyone that had the opportunity and the pleasure to get to know him, they were captivated by that personality, by that smile, by that ability to draw you and tell you a story, and make you want to hear more, make you want to know what is next."

Thinking of Rotunda as both a great guy and a great spirit, Prichard believes the former WWE Champion was someone whose creative spirit embodied everything he did, regardless of the character he portrayed. Prichard further described him as a talent that was "coloring red in a world of black and white."

"You knew he was different, and you knew that he was special," Prichard said. "A lot of times, he didn't even have to say anything, but you felt it. And anything that someone can do as a performer to make the audience feel is magic. And Bray was able to create magic every time he went out."

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