Kamille Comments On The Recent End Of Her Historic NWA Women's Title Reign

Kamille's historic 813-day reign as NWA World Women's Champion ended at the hands of Kenzie Paige at NWA's 75th Anniversary Show earlier this month. A part of Kamille is relieved that she no longer has the burden of carrying one of the oldest titles in pro wrestling history, held by legends like The Fabulous Moolah and June Byers.


In a recent interview with "WrestlingNewsCo," Kamille revealed that she expressed her desire to drop the title during a conversation with NWA's Director of Talent Relations Michael Kenney back in February. 

"I just said, 'It's time for me to lose the title,'" Kamille recalled. "I had gone through almost every girl in the division. I told him, 'I feel like I'm as over as I'm going to be as a champion.' I was just like, 'It's time to highlight someone else and get someone else over.'" 

Kamille revealed she suggested the name of Kenzie Paige to NWA management since the 21-year-old is a homegrown NWA talent and the perfect choice as her successor. Furthermore, Paige was the first wrestler Kamille defended the title against after she won it back in June 2021, another reason Kamille wanted to put Paige over. "I also felt the NWA fans needed a break from me for a little bit. I needed to kinda refresh, regroup, figure something else out," she added.


Reflecting on her run, Kamille's only regret is that it was "overshadowed by negative crap" especially from fans on social media, who often criticized her limited in-ring style. "I'm putting in all this hard work, I'm killing every match ... but I felt like it was almost fruitless [due to negative comments]." 

Despite the earlier criticism, Kamille appreciates fans for giving her just due after she dropped the title. "Sometimes the pat on the back means more than any amount of money you can make."