EC3 Wins NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title, Forces Tyrus Into Retirement

EC3 enjoys working in NWA and he has more reason to love the promotion after he defeated Tyrus to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. 

The bullrope match for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship was the main event of night 2 of the NWA 75th Anniversary Show on Sunday, where EC3 began his first reign with the title after Tyrus tapped out. EC3's win also meant that his opponent, Tyrus, had to retire from NWA, which was the stipulation heading into the match. 


Tyrus had held the title since last November's Hard Times 3 show, where he had defeated Matt Cardona and then champion Trevor Murdoch to become the heavyweight champion.

The former WWE star, who has made a few controversial statements in the past, was recently in the news for the wrong reasons when he advocated assaulting children if they used their preferred pronouns.

There was another major title change at NWA 75 as Kenzie Paige became the NWA World Women's Championship after defeating Kamille, which was also on night 2 of the show. Kamille had successfully defended her title on Saturday against Natalia Markova, but her 800+ day reign as champion ended at the hands of Paige. 

Paige, though, lost the NWA World Women's Television Championship on Saturday night to Max the Impaler, while Blunt Force Trauma won the NWA World Tag Team Championship on night 1 after defeating La Rebelión on night 1 and retaining it on night 2, winning their match against Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox.