Why EC3 Loves Working For Billy Corgan And The NWA

After years spent trying to control his narrative, EC3 is now looking to control something else; the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He'll get that chance on August 27 at NWA 75, where EC3 will take on current champion Tyrus in a Bullrope Match. As if the stakes weren't high enough, EC3 could also send Tyrus to Fox News permanently, as the NWA Champion has also said he will retire from wrestling should he lose.


The former WWE and Impact Wrestling star stopped by "Under the Ring" to talk about his match with Tyrus, as well as his current run with the NWA. EC3 also revealed why he believes he and the NWA work together so well, which involves him and NWA owner Billy Corgan having similar zodiac signs and the fact that they just operate on another level, creatively speaking.

"Creatively, Billy Corgan and I, both Pisces, both out of our minds creatively," EC3 said. "Kind of like very eccentric and esoteric in a way. I mean, [we're] super-geniuses at a creative level. So I think that's why it's a good fit. I think the industry of wrestling has found itself in a complacent creative bubble. I think it's a lot of replication of [things] people are already seeing, or have seen. I think very few have the courage or the boldness to stand out and be themselves, and that's in every company, ours included."


EC3 Wants To Take Back Wrestling From Bookers Who Just Buy Their Way Into The Industry

As EC3 continued, he laid out what appeared to be a plan to give power back to the wrestlers and away from promoters EC3 believed had bought their way into the industry, evidently not realizing Corgan had also done that when he bought NWA in 2017.


"The reason it's great for me to be here is that, hopefully, I can capture and become that energy that allows, which I try to do, and I will do, professional wrestlers to be able to tell their story, to control their narrative, to step outside the bubble, step outside the box, and truly embrace who they are and why they are doing what they do," EC3 said. "So a lot of ... creative constrictions take place in other companies, whereas I don't think creative freedom is a guarantee or a necessity every wrestler should have because some aren't very creative."

"But NWA itself shows that giving me that platform, that hopefully people can, we can take back the system so to speak and allow wrestlers to be creative again, as opposed to rooms full of writers who have never been in a fight, never been in a match, never been in a ring," EC3 continued. "Bookers of the year, and promoters who just buy their way into the industry, because it's cool and they have the disposable income. A lot of the people who truly work and grind it out, and go through the hell that this does take to be any sort of successful level, are the ones that should dictate how they're portrayed on television."


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