Grayson Waller Explains Why His WWE Talk Show Is Relevant

Talk shows in WWE can often be forgettable segments, but as of late Grayson Waller's show has been given some big spots with main event talent such as Edge and Charlotte Flair, where they have given out big bits of information. It's something that has made fans take note and pay attention, which is slowly establishing The Grayson Waller Effect as must-see.


"When it first started it was kind of just a talk show, there was no real big thing behind it," Waller told "After The Bell." "But then over time, every time I have these big names and I think people are starting to see that I can make myself relevant again, being on this show." WWE has become so confident in Waller's promos he was even allowed to host The Grayson Waller Effect at Payback. This led to Cody Rhodes revealing that Jey Uso was soon going to be joining the "WWE Raw" roster, showcasing the company's trust in Waller's show to deliver when it comes to making big announcements.

"He thought this was the perfect platform to go out and give his big news, and that's what I am now," Waller said. "I'm this platform for people to either make themselves relevant again, or get their news out there and I'm happy to let that happen." Waller is currently preparing for his next guest on "WWE SmackDown" this week, which will be another huge name, John Cena. Considering the 16-time World Champion doesn't exactly need to make himself relevant, if Waller's theory is correct about his show, then he could have some big news. 


If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "After The Bell" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.