WWE's Cathy Kelley On Whether Fans Will See Her In The Ring

WWE often uses non-wrestlers for in-ring matches, particularly those on the broadcast team. However, while the likes of Jim Ross, Michael Cole, and "Mean" Gene Okerlund have competed in the ring before, Cathy Kelley admitted to the "Insight" podcast that she doesn't think fans will see her wrestle at any point. 


Even though wrestling isn't something that interests her, Kelley has had some practice inside the ring before. She hopped into a ring that was being used for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood in the past, but that experience was enough to put her off from wrestling for good.

"I think I took one or two bumps until I finally knocked the wind out of myself," she said. "Even running the ropes, people don't realize if you haven't done it, it's intense; you end up building up calluses on your back. I was bruised for probably a week. I always liked acting, I knew I hated sports."

Kelley returned to WWE back in October of last year and has since been the main backstage interviewer for the company. She originally started back on "WWE Raw" and has since transitioned to "WWE SmackDown," while also working at premium live events. Kelley has expressed her desire to be involved in some storylines moving forward — something WWE could achieve in a non-wrestling capacity.


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