WWE Alum Al Snow On Misunderstanding Kayfabe And The One Thing 'Fake' About Wrestling

For over forty years, Al Snow has been around just about every corner of the wrestling business, including ECW, WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestling, and now at the head of OVW, which is having a moment in the sun thanks to the release of the Netflix docuseries "Wrestlers." And the show has put a new spotlight on Snow, a performer/booker with wrestling traditionalist values, trying to preserve a bit of the old school in the modern wrestling world. One thing Snow isn't trying to preserve, however, is the art of kayfabe. That's because, as Snow revealed duringĀ an upcoming exclusive Wrestling Inc. Q&A with Al Snow, he believes kayfabe is still going strong, and that many have come to misunderstand what it means. He also takes issue with the idea that wrestling, in and of itself, is fake.

"I personally feel like kayfabe is still alive," Snow said. "Kayfabe, a lot of people misunderstand the term. It was a very non sequitur word that allowed us to just simply make sure that somebody that was in our midst was not smartened up or made aware of or had the curtain pulled back on him, and it was also a respect and it was an unspoken agreement."

"Contrary to popular belief, here in the United States alone since the 1940s, people have known that wrestling is predetermined and really as far as it being fake, the only thing that's fake about wrestling is just the outcome. That's it," Snow continued. "Everything we do in the ring is quite real. Everything physically, and it's just our intent that you want to believe in, and that's the one thing we're selling you, is our intent."

Stay tuned to Wrestling Inc. for the full Q&A with Al Snow. Wrestlers is now available to stream on Netflix.