Video: See Trailer For Netflix's Upcoming OVW Docuseries, Wrestlers

For 30 years, Ohio Valley Wrestling has been a staple of the wrestling scene in the Midwest, once operating as the main developmental territory for WWE in the mid-2000s. Now an independent organization under the leadership of former WWE and ECW star Al Snow, the promotion is about to find itself in the spotlight again — thanks to Netflix.


Earlier today, a trailer for the docu-series "Wrestlers," focused on the up-and-comers of OVW, dropped — with a September 13 premiere date attached. Snow features heavily in the trailer, in addition to several OVW stars, such as Haley J and Jessie Godderz. While the docu-series will focus on the trials and tribulations of OVW talent trying to make it in the wrestling business, the show will also give equal attention to Snow's struggles in running the promotion and making it financially viable. 

Snow initially purchased OVW from owner and founder Danny Davis in April 2018. But he would later sell majority interest of the promotion to Kentucky Sports Radio founder Matt Jones and former 21c Museum Hotels CEO Craig Greenberg in 2021; Snow though continues to run OVW's day-to-day operations. In addition to OVW, Snow has continued to run the Al Snow Wrestling Academy, started in 2015, which has various branches across the world. "OVW TV," the promotion's flagship show, airs weekly on various stations, including The Action Channel, YouTube, local Louisville TV station WBNA-21, and FITE TV.