AEW's Tony Khan Comments On Who Came Up With Idea For Recent 'Steiner Math' Homage

The September 13 episode of "AEW Dynamite" featured a backstage promo where AEW World Champion MJF paid homage to the infamous TNA "Steiner math" promo by citing his own statistics. This was, of course, in regards to Samoa Joe's chances of dethroning him for the top prize.


Regarding whose idea it was for the segment, AEW President Tony Khan revealed to Insider that it was MJF's brainchild.

"That particular one was him," Khan said. "Wrestling is all about collaborations and I really enjoy having that connection and the ability to create stories. We were putting down ideas for the week's shows, and he did say that and it was a great idea. That's how I like to put stories together. Sit down with MJF and Adam Cole, the three of us, and talk. I've shot videos with the two of them and they have this great partnership."

According to MJF's math, Samoa Joe only has an "eight and one-third chance" of winning the AEW World title this Wednesday at the special "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam" at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Meanwhile, MJF claims he has a "141 and two-thirds percent chance" of winning, especially because they'll be wrestling in his home state of New York.


Joe earned the title shot by outlasting Jeff Hardy, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Roderick Strong in an eliminator tournament. He's also the reigning ROH World Television Champion at 522 days and counting. Joe currently holds the second-longest title reign in the lineage, while MJF is weeks away from becoming the longest-reigning AEW World Champion.