AEW Star Matt Hardy Explains Where His Limp Came From

Matt Hardy's old "Broken" moniker wasn't just a clever reference to his fractured psyche. Like most professional wrestlers of a certain age, Hardy's body has endured its fair share of punishment from a high-risk, high-impact career that involved plenty of tables, ladders, and chairs. 

Earlier today, Hardy shared a clip of himself landing a leg drop from the top of a steel cage, noting it as the reason his lower back and hips are so tight. That further opened the door for him to explain to a fan where his limp came from.  

"When I started w/ WWE full-time, I was doing legdrops off the top 10 nights straight, every loop," Hardy wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). "My lower back/hip tightness is from doing legdrops for decades. Pretty sure the big bumps in our TLC matches didn't help ... Pro wrestling isn't easy on your body, that's a #MattFact."

Hardy has no regrets about the dangerous bumps he took throughout his career, recently noting that the Ladder Match with his brother Jeff against Edge and Christian in 1999 led to the four wrestlers becoming mainstays of wrestling throughout the 21st century.

And despite his numerous maladies, Hardy continues wrestling to this day. The former tag team champion was supposed to be on the card for AEW All In. The Hardys were going to team with Paul Wight to take on Jeff Jarrett and company, but Jeff's legal troubles led to visa issues that scrapped those plans.