Eric Bischoff Theorizes Explanation For Edge Potentially Signing With AEW

With rumors swirling of Edge potentially leaving WWE for AEW, Eric Bischoff was recently asked if the hypothetical move would have an "impact on the business," and allow AEW to close the gap with WWE. Bischoff prefaced his response by clarifying that he does not know Edge on a personal level, and has no inkling on where the "Rated-R Superstar" might end up wrestling during the home stretch of his career. 

"He could certainly go back to WWE, he could pursue his acting career — which he's very good at," Bischoff said on "83 Weeks." "I think he's got the potential of becoming a major player when it comes to television and film. ... If AEW is the direction he's gonna go, it's probably because he wants to finish off his career with his buddy Christian, and perhaps they see a great story and angle there. I can't imagine any other reason he'd want to go there, because it is a step down. It just is — in terms of the stage, presence, penetration into the marketplace, and the real metrics other than the ones that exist in Tony Khan's head."

Bischoff argued that if he were in Edge's position, he would not want to end his career in a place like AEW, citing the examples of other veterans  — the likes of Chris Jericho, The Hardys, Sting, and Christian Cage — who've decided to spend the twilight of their careers there. Bischoff believes Edge risks tarnishing his legacy by wrestling for Khan's promotion. "Sometimes people just get addicted to that live performance," Bischoff stressed. "And if Edge is driven more by that desire rather than how people will remember his career ... and how going to AEW may affect that because the trajectory of people's careers when they go from WWE to AEW has not been great."

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