Details Of WWE Staff Meeting Led By Ari Emanuel, Vince McMahon, Triple H & Nick Khan

Following the merger between WWE and UFC, more than 100 WWE employees were laid off as a part of the cost-saving measures enacted by Endeavor, the parent company of the new TKO Group Holdings. 

In the wake of these workforce reductions, "Fightful Select" is now reporting that Endeavor and TKO CEO Ari Emanuel, WWE President Nick Khan, Vince McMahon, and Paul "Triple H" Levesque led a staff meeting at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut today. TKO Executive Chairman Brad Blum was also reportedly in attendance.

While the full details of this meeting have yet to emerge, it is noted that executives addressed the layoffs that occurred last week, recognizing them as "unfortunate," but necessary. According to Vince McMahon, WWE had been in a stagnant position, which prompted the company to seek out a merger in an effort to elevate itself as a business. This statement has reportedly elicited a disgruntled response from several employees who then highlighted WWE's record-breaking financial numbers

Despite McMahon's claim that a sale was facilitated due to a company plateau, many employees felt reaffirmed that the merger agreement actually came to fruition because of McMahon's desire to return to WWE.

Emanuel reportedly said that Endeavor has had a long-standing relationship partnership with WWE, and he himself has leaned on McMahon for guidance in prior years. The report further states that Emanuel is the boss of Vince McMahon, while Emanuel's daughter, Ashlee Emanuel, works for WWE as well and is an executive assistant, as per her LinkedIn profile.