Why Samoa Joe Isn't Surprised He's Back In World Title Contention In AEW

Apart from his recent shot at the "real" AEW World Championship at AEW All In, "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam" will mark Samoa Joe's first world championship feud in AEW. Since signing with AEW and Ring of Honor, Joe has held the TNT and ROH Television Championships, but he has yet to contend for the actual AEW World Championship, until now.


Speaking with the "New York Post," Joe explained his thoughts on being back in the world title picture. While it's been a long time since his last major world title match, he isn't surprised that he has returned to the position. 

"It's unusual. I think when you look at the breadth of my career, to me, I'm never surprised. This is what you set out to do. These are the expectations I put on myself. I've been counted out. I think I'm on my third one now, legitimately as far as it's done, over with. As long as we keep moving forward, keep finding ways to entertain fans, I'll be out here doing my thing with the same expectations," Joe said. "Not surprised at all, we are where we are."

24 years into his wrestling career, Joe mentioned that he cherishes his wins more nowadays, and feels a little more excited about what may happen in the future. For now, though, Joe is focused on conquering MJF, whom he will challenge for the AEW World Championship on Wednesday's "Dynamite Grand Slam" episode at Arthur Ashe Stadium, which isn't too far from MJF's hometown in Long Island.


"I think it's the best place to make an example where the people who care about him the most will see. I'm looking forward to going in there, walking him down, crushing him completely, and taking all the big championships," Joe said in reference to MJF. "Maybe having a big celebration afterward, maybe grab a slice. I don't know."