AEW Star Jon Moxley Lists Three GOATs Of Wrestling & Respective Reasons

While WWE is currently hailing John Cena as "the greatest of all time," Jon Moxley has discussed three other former WWE stars he believes are also worthy of the distinction. Speaking on "Bleav In Pro Wrestling," Moxley revealed Terry Funk, Chris Jericho, and Bryan Danielson (fka Daniel Bryan) as his three GOATs of professional wrestling. 

"Terry Funk, I don't see how you can call him anything but the greatest to ever do it. He's just so inherently Terry Funk and so versatile. Terry Funk was not playing wrestler. Terry Funk was 100% real about everything he was doing and all of it, choices that he made, in the ring, and everything he did," Moxley said. "There will just never be another one quite like him. Terry Funk is just 'the man.'"

Outside of Funk, the current AEW International Champion heaped great praise for Jericho as well. When analyzing Jericho's body of work, Moxley commended him for acting as "a time traveler of wrestling" who can successfully navigate through a variety of situations (and companies). Moxley believes Jericho is still able to carry himself as a major player 33 years into his career, and is also able to work with performers of all different shapes, sizes, and wrestling styles.

Moxley's style of wrestling may lean more toward brawling and hardcore elements, but he reserves special appreciation for Bryan Danielson, whom he regards as the "most perfect, pure pro wrestler" to ever live.

"You put [Danielson] in any ring against any opponent with no context whatsoever, and just ring the bell. Anybody watching, he will suck into that match, and they will feel like they're watching a real struggle and be just completely sucked into this match for the duration of it, against anybody, anywhere, any time," Moxley said.

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