X-Pac Recalls Time WWE's Vince McMahon Allegedly Paid Off Police For D-Generation X

The rebellious D-Generation X went to whatever means necessary to help WWE beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars, even if that meant taunting their own friends in the enemy locker room.

Fans who grew up watching the Attitude Era will remember episodes of "WWE Raw" from April and May 1998 when the DX army made legitimate visits to WCW's TV tapings and live events.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Sean Waltman revealed WWE was slapped with a lawsuit for DX's antics and could have landed in a lot of trouble if not for Vince McMahon's willingness to break out his wallet. Waltman noted that DX was willing to push the envelope due to the financial backing of their boss.

"It was a rush doing that. We knew we were doing something that was ... uncharted waters," said Waltman, while recalling the time DX ran into trouble with the law. "We didn't get handcuffed ... I mean, we had to go to the station, but they let us stay in our van. When we went to the WCW offices, not the CNN tower, Vince had already paid off the local police. They were with us. We had to go out and technically get booked ... but [it was already taken care of]."

On April 27, when "WWE Raw" and "WCW Nitro" were held 19 miles apart in Hampton, Virginia, DX was seen traveling from the WWE venue to the WCW venue shouting insults — through a bullhorn — at WCW's bosses and accusing Ted Turner's company of giving away free tickets to fill up arenas for television.

They also tried to enter the arena via the loading dock in their army jeep only to be stopped by security personnel at the door.