Disco Inferno Makes The Case For Jeff Jarrett Being Tony Khan's Right-Hand Man In AEW

While Tony Khan has put together a great roster in AEW, he has also surrounded himself with experienced legends who have lots of knowledge to offer. One of those is Jeff Jarrett, who has decades in the business not only as an in-ring talent, but a booker and promoter, something Disco Inferno thinks Khan should lean on more.

"I would've made Jeff my right-hand man," Disco told "Keepin' It 100." "Everybody always says, 'Well Jeff's out for himself as a talent,' he likes to get himself over. But for a guy that knows what's going on, he's brilliant. I am shocked that he's not using him in that capacity, Tony would learn so much more." Disco admitted that he personally learned a lot from Jarrett over the years, including small details like pay-per-view main events starting with high spots to re-engage the crowd. He has plenty of knowledge about wrestling from so many different angles that he is a true asset for the company, which Hugo Savinovich agreed with, making it clear Jarrett will follow any structure given to him.

"With Tony, he has something incredible right now," Savinovich said. "This is when you know you need to go to the nitty gritty and listen to some people like you said, to Jeff or Arn [Anderson] or Jake [Roberts] or whatever. I think right now the problem is there's too many people that think they know what the heck they're doing and they're not." While Jarrett might not be Khan's right-hand man, he is being used by the company to help grow AEW's live event business, showcasing that Khan is aware of what the veteran has to offer.

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