Kevin Sullivan Explains Why Bryan Danielson In Creative Is A 'Great Move' For AEW

During a recent episode of "Tuesday With The Taskmaster," Kevin Sullivan explained why he wants to see Bryan Danielson be more involved with AEW's creative process.

"This has been, for AEW, a tidal wave of WWE everything going right," Sullivan said. "I've heard maybe Bryan Danielson's going to kind of help out. I think that's a great move. He seems to be very well-liked in the industry. You know the guy's smart."


Sullivan added, "He's probably been wanting to do backstage stuff since the day he got in. I think it would help Tony because I'm sure right now he's kind of down mentally from all the negative stuff that's been put out. So I think it would give him a new spark too. I'd like to see what Bryan can do. I think he's a — he got over when the machine didn't want him to get over and headlined WrestleMania."

It was reported earlier this summer that Danielson had been involved creatively with the first few episodes of "AEW Collision." During the AEW All Out media scrum, the former WWE Champion revealed that he's torn between contributing to the creative aspect and being away from his family. His full-time in-ring days are seemingly counting down after a promise he made to his six-year-old daughter for when she turns seven.


"The American Dragon" certainly has influenced Tony Khan. The AEW President previously revealed that he told his father that if anything happens to him, he should turn to Danielson for help running AEW.

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