Taya Valkyrie Reflects On Time Spent In WWE's NXT, Atmosphere In AEW

During a recent appearance on "AEW Unrestricted," Taya Valkyrie opened up about her short stint on "WWE NXT" and how she, as well as fans, struggled with her name change.

"People don't like change, especially when they've known someone for so long," Valkyrie said. "But, you know, I was given the ball and I tried to run with it. I tried to run with it and I did my best under the circumstances. I'll be the first to admit I was there at a very crazy time, not only within that company, but also within the world that we exist in. I don't think I was given a fair chance at all, but just like I said, I have to hold on to those moments when I was super happy and when I was super excited."


Valkyrie added, "I've said this in an interview before, I remember saying to John when I first started that I was Charlie from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' when I walked through those doors. I actually bought myself a copy of the book because I wanted to remember how I felt on that day knowing that there are going to be days that are going to be horrible and sad, and guess what? That did happen. I just had to remind everybody of who I was, and that's exactly what I did, and I was so determined, and I knew it would work out and it did."

Her Favorite Part About Working For AEW

Regarding her favorite part about working for AEW currently, Valkyrie noted that people in the locker room are positive and supportive.

"Just how accepting and positive people are," Valkyrie said, "and people like to harp on the other side of that so much that I'm just like, my experience has been, especially coming from all these different places where sometimes people are not the nicest, and sometimes people want to see you fall on your face immediately. It is not like that."


The former AAA Reina de Reinas Champion noted that AEW President Tony Khan is "so positive." While she's had positive bosses in the past, she's also had to deal with bosses or other women in the locker room who actively wanted to see her fail instead of thrive. In AEW, she feels like she can be herself.

Valkyrie reiterated, "It's been a really positive experience for me, and I feel like I'm just getting started. Like you said, it's been five to six months now. I do feel like I'm finally finding my footing. I've had these crazy, great opportunities, but I just know that's only scratching the surface of what I can do. I just am open, excited for what's next."

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