IYO SKY Defeats Asuka, Retains WWE Women's Title In SmackDown Dream Match

In a bout that was touted as a "dream match for those throughout the world" in the first half of "WWE SmackDown" (with its own video package), WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY retained the title against "The Empress of Tomorrow," Asuka. With not only Damage CTRL but also Charlotte Flair ringside, there was bound to be interference in the bout — and there was — but the match did end decisively with SKY getting the 1-2-3.

The women went back and forth with high-flying maneuvers throughout the contest, knocking each other out of the ring at different points of the match. Asuka hit a superplex on SKY, who kicked out. SKY answered with a missile dropkick while Asuka was positioned on the top turnbuckle, sending the challenger flying to the floor.

Asuka was able to get the champion into multiple submission maneuvers in the middle of the ring as the match went on, but SKY powered out of all of them — with a little help from Bayley on the last. The Damage CTRL leader put SKY's foot on the rope behind the referee's back as the champion was trapped in the Asuka Lock. Right as the ref turned to notice, Charlotte attacked Bayley, evening the odds, but SKY was able to capitalize with a double knee strike, followed by Over The Moonsault on the challenger to get the pin and retain her title.