Emma Delivers Optimistic Statement About Her Latest WWE Release: 'This Wasn't My Time'

Emma returned to WWE to much fanfare last October, but her second stint with the company, which lasted less than a year, provided very few noteworthy highlights. Yet, the Aussie superstar plans to stay optimistic about her future in the wrestling business, and is taking away only the positives from her brief WWE return. Through a post on X, Emma thanked fans and fellow wrestlers for all their "lovely messages and comments," while admitting that she "wasn't shocked" to see her name included in the list of recent WWE releases. Emma noted that she wanted to show WWE fans a different side to her character this time around, but is at peace with herself despite not getting that opportunity.


"When I returned to WWE I was so excited, I was ready to work my a** off and do all the things I didn't get to do first time around," Emma wrote. "But it became apparent pretty quickly that this wasn't my time. And that's ok! Would I have loved to wrestle a stadium show in my home country, you bet. But now many doorways and opportunities have opened up and that's exciting."


Emma remains grateful that her return to WWE allowed her to meet her fiancé Riddick Moss, who was also released by WWE this week, "I'm so grateful for that and the beautiful life we have been building. I get to spend more time with family and friends and can really focus on the important things in my life." Looking ahead, Emma plans to travel "as much as possible," and take her fans on a journey. During her brief WWE return, Emma wrestled less than a dozen televised matches, with her final bout taking place against Shayna Baszler on the July 10 episode of "WWE Raw," where she was squashed in less than two minutes.