Chris Jericho Explains The Opportunity That Joining AEW Could Offer Edge

Much like Rancid sang in "Ruby Soho," Edge's destination is currently unknown. Recent reports indicate that the former WWE Champion may be heading to a new setting, All Elite Wrestling. As the speculation into Edge's wrestling future continues, one of his former tag partners lends his perspective on what AEW could offer "The Rated R Superstar." Speaking with "Superstar Crossover," Chris Jericho referenced his own experience to explain the creative benefits that AEW could the former WWE Champion.


"Who's to say for sure, but if you look at Chris Jericho, for example, where I was in WWE, there really wasn't much more that I could do there," Jericho said. "You're there for many years, and you've wrestled everybody, and it's great. But it's always good to shock people and to show up with a new kind of mission."  The former AEW World Champion thinks that there is a ceiling for legends like himself and Edge in WWE, who have seemingly accomplished all there is to accomplish.

"For [Edge] to come to AEW, it'd be a whole fresh new coat of paint," Jericho explained. "[A] whole new roster of matches that he could have, obviously a new name, which would then, knowing him, knowing me, what I would do is a whole new look, a whole new mindset. That's the best thing about having AEW and about us being as successful as we are, is that there's now a visible alternative. I don't want to say competitor because it's not that, but you can now go to either company."


Though there are some familiar faces over in AEW, most of the roster members, as Jericho points out, are foreign to Edge, which in turn gives him a cleaner canvas to work with in comparison to WWE. With Edge's WWE contract expiring this month, he has reportedly been moved to the "miscellaneous" selection of WWE's internal roster, which is typically reserved for talent who are not actively working on any of WWE's television programs.

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