WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley Talks About A Possible Match Against Batista

The recent Hollywood writer's strike has seemingly opened the door for both John Cena and The Rock to make returns to the place where they first made their names, but could another wrestler-turned-actor step back inside the squared circle? Batista has become one of the biggest names in the acting world, but Bobby Lashley would be interested in seeing him back in the fold with WWE.

"Dave is definitely somebody I would love to have a match with," Lashley told the "Perform Podcast," as reported by theĀ Daily Mail. "It would be something that would do some huge box office numbers."

The two men have had singles matches in the past, but that was back in 2006, with both men having seen their stocks rise since then. The idea is one that would certainly create interest amongst the WWE Universe, but "The Animal" did retire from professional wrestling back at WrestleMania 35 following his defeat against Triple H, and that isn't something that Lashley wants to push.

"I love where Dave is and I never try to drum up any controversy or any kind of friction," he said. "Dave, since he's left WWE, his whole entire career has exploded to another level. Of course, you want to bring somebody like him back."

Batista still speaks positively about his professional wrestling experience, and the phrase "never say never" is a popular one in the world of WWE, therefore one more match can never truly be ruled out. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" star is still due to receive a WWE Hall of Fame induction at some stage after his original induction plan was pulled due to COVID-19. It's something that he pushed to make happen this year, but that never came to fruition as fans and wrestlers alike patiently wait to see him back in WWE in some capacity.