Chelsea Green Thinks This WWE Storyline Was Cut Too Early

Chelsea Green opted to make lemonade when she was handed lemons due to Sonya Deville getting injured shortly after they won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. She did so by creating an audition process for people to become her tag team partner. This created the "Chelsea's Got Talent" storyline on social media, and she admitted to "The Bleav In Pro Wrestling Podcast" that she was very happy it took off, but wanted more.

"I had so much fun watching those submissions come in," Green said. "I wish it went on a little longer, but Piper's here now."

Ultimately, the storyline didn't last long on television as Piper Niven turned up and simply declared herself as Green's new partner, which has led to them working together ever since. However, the gamble that Green took initially on social media proved to be worthwhile due to how popular it became.

"You just have to throw sh** against a wall and see what sticks," she said. "That was not my only idea. I had a list of about five or six ideas as I do for my pitches, as I do for everything, and when I threw it against a wall and it stuck immediately I'm like, 'Okay, here we go.' I don't know that that was ever going to be on TV. That was just me. It was just me doing it. I never asked for permission."

Green received submissions from wrestlers, reality stars, fans, and everyone in between, with Green feeling that the worst that could happen to her for doing it is something she's already experienced in the past, alluding to her previously being fired.

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