WWE Star Sheamus Reportedly Suffering From A Really Bad Injury — Details

Sheamus hasn't competed in a WWE ring since he was defeated by Edge in what could be the "Rated-R Superstar's" final-ever match for the company. While his absence hasn't been addressed by the company, Dave Meltzer has revealed on the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio" that Sheamus is currently out of action due to a really bad shoulder injury.

While there are no details as to when the "Celtic Warrior" sustained the issue or how long he is going to be on the shelf for, this is the reason he hasn't been shown on television, nor has he been part of WWE live events throughout the past month. Neither Sheamus nor WWE has made an official comment on the situation, and it remains to be seen what the long-term plan is.  

Sheamus' future has been a big talking point as of late anyway due to the fact his contract with the company is set to expire in 2024, but that is something that could end up being extended now if he's out for a while as WWE could tag that time on. 

This is not the first injury that the Irishman has sustained throughout his tenure with WWE, which began back in 2006. While he's had several smaller issues over the years he did deal with a major neck injury back in 2019 which took him out of action for nine months and sparked retirement rumors, but it remains to be seen if his current problem will be as severe.

WWE has been continuing to use his fellow Brawling Brutes as a tag team as Butch and Ridge Holland have been getting opportunities to shine together as a duo, which could open the door for Sheamus to rejoin the group when he is able to return.