Bully Ray & Mark Henry Discuss Matt Riddle's WWE Release And Future Prospects

Matt Riddle has a black cloud of allegations and behavioral issues hanging over him as he enters the free agency, and on the latest "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famers Bully Ray and Mark Henry questioned whether Riddle is worth the risk.


"Riddle has some star power. Does he make a company better?" Bully asked. "Let's say you were to take Matt Riddle and put him in AEW. Does he make AEW better?" The "Busted Open" crew seemed to agree that Riddle didn't bring enough to the table to be worth the risk.

"Will companies like a GCW take a chance on him? Yeah, maybe," Bully said. "Any company that truly cares about their perception ... isn't gonna want to take a chance." Bully suggest the NWA might be another independent promotion that could take a shot at Riddle, while Henry suggested that if he were in Riddle's position, he'd go to Japan. Riddle was recently approached on social media by Pro Wrestling NOAH's Stallion Rogers, whom Riddle briefly teamed with on the independent scene.


Riddle was one of a myriad of releases in the wake of WWE's merger with UFC. Not long before his release, Riddle was involved in an altercation at JFK International Airport in Queens, NY, after Riddle was allegedly acting disorderly following WWE's recent live event in India, and ended with Riddle accusing a security officer of sexual assault. The incident was said to still be under investigation and there is no word on whether the incident played a role in Riddle's release, though the former WWE United States Champion was said to have "burned through too many chances" in WWE.