AEW's Adam Cole Details The Similarities Between Tony Khan And Triple H Of WWE

WWE CCO Triple H and AEW President Tony Khan have taken very different paths to be where they are now, as the creative captains of the two biggest wrestling promotions in the world. Yet, according to Adam Cole, both are quite similar in a number of ways — most notably when it comes to their sheer love for the business.  


"They are both so passionate about pro wrestling," Cole told "Inside The Ropes" recently. "Both eat, sleep, and breathe this industry — in a lot of ways. Obviously, there are differences in the sense of Triple H being an in-ring talent for a very, very long time — working alongside the likes of Vince McMahon. So, creatively, there are some differences — but it's actually unbelievable how similar the two are."

Cole believes that, although Triple H and Khan are perceived to have different demeanors and philosophies, they would actually find common ground creative on more than fans think. He added that his current and former bosses both love pro wrestling "with their entire heart and soul" before acknowledging that it would be easier to run down the ways they are alike than not since both are driven by their dedication to producing the best possible wrestling shows they can on a weekly basis.


During his years in WWE, Cole formed a close friendship with both Triple H and Shawn Michaels, so much so that he still keeps in touch with them. Since joining AEW, Cole has similarly struck up a relationship with Khan and previously thanked the AEW boss for allowing him to fully recover from his career-threatening concussion last year.