Kevin Nash Responds To Critics Of How & Why He Got Pushed In WWE: 'No F***ing Sh*t'

Considering that Kevin Nash won the WWE Championship within 18 months of his June 1993 debut, a lot of his detractors have maintained that "Big Daddy Cool" was undeserving of being crowned the top star in the biggest promotion in the world. On "Kliq This," Nash admitted he was "blessed" to have been put in a spot when he was not ready to carry the company or even deliver noteworthy matches. Yet, the businessman in Nash understood why Vince McMahon rolled the dice on him — at a time when WWE's attendance figures and television ratings were on a downward spiral


"My thing is this, I went from f—ing Oz to having the IC, Tag, and World Title in three years," Nash said. "Even though I was the lowest-drawing champion of all time or whatever people want to say about me, I still am the longest-reigning champion in the 1990s which [includes] the Attitude Era. I just happened to be the president during the depression," added Nash, citing WWE's financial struggles at the time. "I wouldn't change it. The reason I got everything I did ... after the drug trials ... I read someone say 'You're a good-looking giant dude — that's why you got to where you got.' No f—ing s–t! I was the biggest dude ... I was lean and clean. That's why I got pushed."

Nash conceded that despite being so "so f—ing green" and having "no idea what I was doing out there," he was determined to prove his boss right. "I was just a guy Vince chose. What was I supposed to say? No?" Nash is accurate in stating that his 358-day reign as WWE Champion made him the longest-reigning World Champion of '90s WWE, with Yokozuna's 280-day reign being a close second. Elsewhere, in WCW, Hulk Hogan enjoyed a 469-day reign, and Shane Douglas held the ECW Championship for 406 days.