Malaki Black Quashes Injury Rumors, Says He Can't Explain Lack Of AEW Singles Matches

Malakai Black hasn't wrestled on AEW television in nearly a month, last appearing in the trios title match between House of Black and The Acclaimed at AEW All In. This, compounded with the fact that Black hasn't wrestled a singles match in AEW since June of last year, has fans of the former AEW World Trios Champion worried that he might be dealing with an injury. According to Black, this is not the case.


"I appreciate the fact that people care and that it comes from a good place, but about a year or so ago, I made a video about rehabbing a back injury that I had," Black said in an Instagram story posted Wednesday. "After the video was posted, people started running with this idea that 'Oh, he has a bad back and therefore A, B, or C,' which is not the case at all."

According to Black, there was speculation that his tenure in the trios division alongside House of Black was due to said back injury, which Black again denies, also claiming that he was at no point considering retirement due to the injury.

"None of these things are true," Black said. "Why am I not having singles matches? I don't know."


The former "NXT" Champion went on to say he believes that his presence in singles and tag matches might have been necessary to establish House of Black as a unit. Black further explained that his current hiatus from AEW programming is due to a slight calf tear and the hyperextension of his knee, from which he says he is nearing recovery and ready to get back on the road.

"I appreciate the concern," Black reiterated, "but the reality is that I'm fine."