Thunder Rosa On Seeing WWE's Jade Cargill For The First Time, Thinking She's A Star

Earlier this week, WWE announced their acquisition of former AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill. As expected, Cargill's arrival to WWE has sparked a plethora of buzz, with many of her former and new colleagues congratulating her on the move. On "Busted Open Radio," former AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa recalled her positive first impressions of Cargill, even before she signed with AEW.

"I remember when she first came, and her first training with all of us when we were in [Daily's Place] in Jacksonville. Now, remember, she always wears this beautiful two-piece [ensemble] to exercise, and I saw her and she came and she did some stuff. This is at a time when I was really, really scouting for Women for Mission Pro, and I just looked at her and I looked at a couple of my coworkers and I was like, 'She's gonna be a star,'" Rosa said. "I didn't know she was gonna get signed or anything. We didn't know nothing, and I was like, 'She's the next one. She just has it, everything. Her look, the hair, everything about her calls 'superstar.'"

After interacting with Cargill more, Rosa grew an appreciation for her intellect and goal-driven approach to professional wrestling. Regardless of what obstacles may have laid in Cargill's way, Rosa was confident that Cargill would reach whatever marker she set out to achieve. Upon signing with WWE, Cargill revealed her intention to create a Hall of Fame-worthy legacy for herself. While the future can be unpredictable at times, Thunder Rosa is certain that WWE is invested in Cargill, and will make a conscious effort to elevate her on their grand stage. "I think it was a no-brainer for her, honestly, to make this decision, especially if she wanted to do WrestleMania and if she wanted to wrestle some of the really established, big stars in WWE. So, I am very, very happy for her because she deserves this opportunity," Rosa said.

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