Why Ilja Dragunov Says He Should Be The Face Of WWE NXT

Ilja Dragunov could finish the weekend as "WWE NXT" Champion, as he will be challenging Carmelo Hayes at No Mercy on Saturday. A potential victory would propel him to the top of the roster, and he believes becoming the face of the brand is something he deserves, as he brings something people didn't see before. "I walk through walls with my energy level, I don't need a door anymore and people see that," he said to "After The Bell." "This is my orchestra, really, and there's no question about it, who should be the face of this brand, to me that's new levels and a new level of energy and that's only me."

Despite the fact that Dragunov thinks he should be the face of the brand, he is also a name that is consistently brought up by the WWE Universe regarding a potential main roster call-up, and he has several people he wants to face there. Whether that happens or not is ultimately not down to Dragunov, but he does feel that it is the next logical step for him and his career. Of course, this is something that could happen regardless of the result this weekend, considering the fact both Dominik Mysterio and Becky Lynch are currently representing the black and gold brand on "WWE Raw."

"I deliver important performances one after another in this moment, and I love all of those," he said. "I love to put everything that I have into the things I get and everything else is not up to me. It is most certainly my destiny to some time to see my face up there."

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