Mysterio Retains US Championship Over Escobar On SmackDown, Street Profits Attack

Rey Mysterio retained his United States Championship over fellow Latino World Order member Santos Escobar on Friday's episode of 'WWE SmackDown," but the Street Profits ruined the moment following the match to gain back Bobby Lashley's approval. Two weeks ago, Escobar challenged his mentor to a match and said it was his dream in his career. Prior to the match, Mysterio said backstage he was going to give Santos the fight of his life, and the phrase "be careful what you wish for" would apply.

With Zelina Vega at ringside unsure who exactly to root for throughout the match, Mysterio and Escobar had a back-and-forth bout. Mysterio went to set up Escobar in the ropes for the 619, but Escobar was able to get out of the way and sent his mentor flying out of the ring with a kick, followed by a suicide dive. With both men back in the ring, Mysterio very nearly rolled up Escobar after countering a powerbomb attempt. Mysterio tried to set up the 619 once again and Escobar grabbed his legs. The WWE Hall of Famer hit the move on his third attempt but missed a Frog Splash.

Escobar attempted a Phantom Driver, but Mysterio was able to counter and roll him up for the three count to retain the title. After the match, Mysterio and Escobar went to shake hands but were interrupted when the Street Profits jumped into the ring and beat both men down. Bobby Lashley's music hit and he came out clapping, before stopping Cruz Del Toro from making it to the ring to defend his lWo stablemates. Even Dragon Lee, who was watching the match from the front row had to be restrained by security to keep him from jumping in to help.

After the match, Mysterio and Escobar were seen backstage getting tended to. Mysterio said that the Street Profits can't act like they run "SmackDown." Mysterio challenged Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins to a tag team match against himself and Escobar at WWE's upcoming premium live event Fastlane on October 7.