How Zelina Vega Felt When Santos Escobar Asked Rey Mysterio For A WWE US Title Match

Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar have talked about the recent interaction between Escobar and Rey Mysterio on "WWE SmackDown," and how they felt after the former asked the Hall of Famer for a match for the United States Championship.

On last week's "SmackDown," Escobar, who has yet to win a title on the main roster, told Mysterio that his dream is to face him, and the United States Champion accepted the challenge. In this week's "The Bump," Escobar and fellow LWO member Zelina Vega discussed the exchange, with the former stating that it took a lot for him to challenge his idol. 

"It took a lot [to ask Mysterio for a title shot]. I had to muster the strength and courage, and find a way to not say it in a negative way because I do respect and love the man [Mysterio]," said Escobar. "That was the moment that I had to do it. He was celebrating and I enjoyed that, and we had the whole family there, so I said to myself, 'It's now or never.'"

At first, Mysterio questioned Escobar for challenging him to a match, considering all that the WWE legend had done for him. However, he later accepted and stated that he had been joking.

Escobar said that The Rock being there ignited something in him to request Mysterio for a shot at his title. He also revealed that the match will likely happen after they handle The Street Profits this week.

Zelina Vega was shook after Escobar's match request

Zelina Vega, who was also a guest on the show, was asked how she felt when Santos Escobar requested a match against Rey Mysterio. 

"Shook," responded Vega when talking about her initial reaction to Escobar's request. "Not only did Rey get Santos, but he also got all of us. The thing is, he [Mysterio] brought the title to the LWO, and he brought it to our family. Santos is going to get his time, he's going to get his chance. I think the best thing about us is that no matter what, we all support each other through and through."

She also emphasized that Mysterio is a forgiving person and that the Hall of Famer sees something in Escobar and the rest of LWO, which is why he brought them in. 

Escobar was originally supposed to face Austin Theory for the US title, after he defeated Mysterio in the final of the United States Championship Invitational on "WWE SmackDown." However, the former NXT star couldn't face Theory after the former US Champion attacked the Mexican star. This ultimately resulted in Mysterio replacing him and winning the title for the third time in his career.

In his four-year career with WWE, Escobar has held one title, the "NXT" Cruiserweight Championship, which he held for over 300 days.