Becky Lynch Beats Tiffany Stratton, Retains NXT Women's Title At WWE No Mercy

Becky Lynch has retained her "NXT" Women's Title in a chaotic main event bout against Tiffany Stratton, overcoming one of the best young talents in the business to close out an entertaining night at the No Mercy premium live event. 

The champion came out to a huge pop in Bakersfield, California, before returning backstage briefly to bring out a shopping cart full of weapons, with Stratton leaving the ring to jumpstart the action on the outside. Both competitors moved to the crowd and fought all the way up the stairs, but it would be Stratton who took control once they returned to the squared circle, using a crowbar, hammer, and steel steps to momentarily down "The Man."

In a match that featured Barbie dolls, hammers, crowbars, trash cans, and shopping carts, both performers had their moments to shine in front of a raucous "NXT" crowd. Down the home stretch, Stratton scored a near-fall with a spinebuster onto the trash can, before powerbombing Lynch onto the steel steps for another two-count. Lynch would crawl under the ring and spray a fire extinguisher at the rising star, before using a barbed wire baseball bat, paying homage to Cactus Jack in the process. 

Both women spilled through the barricade and Stratton got to her feet first, landing a swanton bomb from the top rope through a table and another inside the ring for a near-fall, leading to trademark "This Is Awesome" chants ringing throughout the venue. Lynch hit a Man-Handle Slam on the floor but couldn't capitalize. However, after Stratton missed her moonsault and landed on the steel chairs, Lynch wasted no time hitting her finish for a second time and scoring a three-count victory. 

Lynch will now take on Tegan Nox on the upcoming episode of "WWE Raw" as her reign as "NXT" Women's Champion continues.