Kevin Nash Believes WWE Star 'Looks Like A Superhero'

WWE Superstars are often described as "larger than life." But WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash thinks that WWE's latest signing, Jade Cargill, takes that philosophy to a new level and will be a worthy addition to WWE's roster of talent.


"You got Natalya, you've got [Nia] Jax, you've got [Rhea] Ripley, you've got Jade [Cargill] ... right now I'd get Natalya working with Jade," Nash explained on "Kliq This" while addressing Natalya's match with Tegan Nox, "because if you can get Jade doing 30% of the mat work that Natalya does, and still keep her high-impact sh**, she's already got the look. First time I saw her it was like 'Holy f***.' I mean she looks like a superhero." 

Nash further compared Cargill's physique to that of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's, noting that The Rock was the only person who looks better in real life than he does in a video game.

WWE announced Cargill's signing just days ago with the former AEW TBS Champion getting into the ring at the WWE Performance Center on her first day. It is still not clear if Cargill will debut on WWE's main roster or if she will spend some time in "NXT."


Nash isn't the only Kliq member impressed by Cargill though with "NXT" head Shawn Michaels admitting that she was tailor-made for WWE. "We are going to utilize her to the best of our abilities," the WWE Hall of Famer said recently, "try to make it an enjoyable experience for her. But she's looking at what I think is going to be a fantastic experience here in WWE."