Mick Foley Details 'Big Splash' He'd Like To See Jade Cargill Make In WWE

From the moment Jade Cargill signed with WWE, the conversation amongst fans and pundits has been how the company will debut her. Shawn Michaels admitted he'd be interested in having her in "WWE NXT," but Mick Foley believes there could be a bigger way, as he is in favor of her winning the women's Royal Rumble.


"There are so many options, I am all in favor of making the big splash right away," he said on "Foley Is Pod." "I understand the value of "NXT," but I think when you have somebody like that you want to make that big splash right away like they did with A Styles, like they did with Cody [Rhodes], and I think that would be the perfect way to do it." Foley was left impressed by the rollout that WWE gave to Cargill following the news she had been signed, which was announced via ESPN, and was followed by a full day of media to hype her arrival. He believes that is the right way to break in a star, feeling that the former TBS Champion is someone who jumps off the page and has a natural 'it' factor.


"If WWE can't make her a major star then they are failing in the worst way possible," Foley said. "I think they will, and I think she will rise to the occasion, she's somebody whose upside is almost immeasurable, she's just going to continue to be better. But she's got that look, and not just the look but the presence as well, and I see big things for her in WWE."

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