Rob Van Dam Addresses Interest In Doing A Part-Time Run In AEW

Rob Van Dam has made several appearances for AEW in recent months, from challenging for the FTW Championship to teaming up with HOOK. However, the WWE Hall Of Famer isn't signed to a contract with the company, having been working per-appearance. However, when asked if he would like to work for AEW on a part-time basis during "One Of A Kind," RVD stated, "Possibly."

While the former ECW mainstay didn't give any confirmation about his future with AEW, it appears he hasn't ruled out the idea of making a return at some point down the line. Previously AEW has asked about available dates for RVD months in advance, which could be a sign that the company is open to long-term booking when it comes to utilizing him, whether that be for more one-off matches or for an actual run that would allow for more creativity to take place. However, he has also noted that he's had contact with AEW and WWE in the past that have ended up leading to nothing.

Tony Khan himself has made it clear that he is open to the idea of working with RVD if a circumstance arises that suits both parties. Khan has been pleased with the reactions that RVD has received from fans, and he believes the veteran did a great job with his performances. His most recent appearance was an example of a situation that benefited everyone involved, as the episode of "AEW Collision" which saw him team with HOOK took place in Michigan, RVD's home state.