Why Road Dogg Says 'Kudos To Him' After Adam Copeland/Edge Signs With AEW

Adam Copeland, who performed as Edge in WWE, debuted for All Elite Wrestling at the inaugural AEW WrestleDream pay-per-view on Sunday night. While appearing on an "Oh...You Didn't Know?" podcast YouTube exclusive, "Road Dogg" Brian James commented on the "Rated-R Superstar" joining Tony Khan's promotion.

"It was a dagger to the heart," James said. "It was a dagger to my heart. No, good for him, man. Good for him. Make some cheese, bro ... He's got a beautiful wife, beautiful children. He's healthy and can do it. Man, I don't know. Kudos to him because, at one point, he was never gonna wrestle again ... Bryan Danielson the same way. Good for them, man. It's another place that they can go and do what they love to do because they're very good at it, and it's very marketable, and [they can] make a good living for themselves.

"I don't know what else. This is a business, and in business, the facts don't give a beep about your feelings. But I like Edge, and we had talked about it off-air. It's like, good for him, man. He found another place to make some money and do what he loves to do, and probably have some creative input too, I would imagine. If for anything else you'd be an idiot not to take his advice, you know what I mean? You'd be an idiot not to take his ideas. So in my mind, like, man, you get to control how you go out? Seems like a great deal for everybody, really."

During the AEW WrestleDream post-show media scrum, AEW CEO Tony Khan revealed that Copeland would be working full-time with the promotion moving forward. Copeland is set to make his first appearance on "AEW Dynamite" this evening. He will make his AEW in-ring debut against Luchasaurus on next week's Tuesday night "Dynamite" special.

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