The Miz Reveals Which WWE Star Helped Him Get His Career Back On Track

For the past 15 years, one man who has remained at the forefront of WWE programming has been The Miz. The 42-year-old has experienced all the highs and lows that come from the business, from his rocky arrival all the way to reaching the mountaintop and main-eventing WrestleMania 27, but has always been a reliable company-first performer, and has since become a household name. But despite his brash persona inside the ring, Miz had plenty of struggles of his own just over a decade ago, with his stock within WWE plummeting and facing him with an uncertain future. On "Unbreakable with Jay Glazer", the two-time grand slam champion explained the issues he faced in the years following his famous triumph over John Cena in 2011, and who he credits for getting his career back on track. 

"I was at the top ... I lost the title, then I started losing every single match and by the time we got back to WrestleMania, I was almost not even on it," Miz said. "It was very embarrassing for me, I don't know what happened ... I couldn't figure out how to maneuver myself to be a top-tier talent. It took I would say six years ... it wasn't until a guy named AJ Styles came in. When he came in, we started having a program together and it elevated him — I think we just elevated each other."

Since feuding with Styles in 2016, Miz has gone on to have an incredible second-half of his run with WWE, capturing the Intercontinental Title on numerous occasions, before winning his second WWE Championship in the midst of the pandemic. With a successful reality TV show and a host of other outside ventures, Miz is a made man in WWE — but if it wasn't for Styles, that continued ascension may have never occurred. 

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