Skye Blue Reveals Why Her Joining AEW Made Her Mom Cry

Skye Blue may be one of AEW's most beloved underdogs, but she finds a massive support system within her mother. Speaking with Alicia Atout recently, Blue described what it was like to tell her mom she was officially "All Elite." She said her mom's emotions were high ever since she was announced for the company's Casino Batte Royale in 2021.

"When went home and she was just in the living room crying. She was like, 'Are we going to go!?' And I was like, 'Yes, I have tickets!'" Blue said. "But when I got the graphic, I was in a makeup chair. And they had posted it on Twitter already and I was trying to be like, sneaky, but my dad had already seen it on Facebook — because he loves Facebook. But I was in the makeup chair and I FaceTimed her and I just sent it to her in a text and I just, like, everybody in makeup just heard her scream. And then she was like bawling her eyes out, and I'm like, 'Now, I'm crying, and I'm trying to get my makeup done, I got a match!'"

Blue said her mom is her biggest supporter and best friend. She told a story about her mom and said her mom loves to tell people "she's the reason Blue is a wrestler." Some expectant mothers listen to classical music to influence their babies before they are born, but Blue's mom had a different idea.

"Because she got really sick when she was pregnant with me, so she was bedridden for six months," Blue said. "But she watched wrestling the entire time. That was just her go-to when she couldn't sleep or something, she just turned on wrestling. So she's like, 'Yup, I helped you when we were stuck in bed.'"